A downloadable game for Windows

A physics-based game where all you want in life is to find your moon to keep you company, but staying with a moon isn't easy as you will need to keep them moving around you in a ring. Can you learn to love them all?

Your Potential Soul Mates:

Virgo - Causes planets around it to occasionally enter a dizzying spin
Libra - Throws out smaller planets that can  push around other planets 
Sagittarius - Moves around at hyperspeed
Pisces - Creates whirlpool
Taurus - Your first lover
Aquarius - Produces gusts of wind at random that propels them away
Scorpio - Creates toxic clouds of gas 
Gemini - Teleports around the map at will
Leo - Shocks nearby planets
Cancer - Has geysers that can push away other planets
Aries - Reliably nearby
Capricorn - Shatters when he unfortunately collides.
Even & Eve Horizon - Black hole twins insistent on flinging everyone around
Don - Big, sturdy, and always at the center of attention
Tony - Don's bright and cooler little bro.


Liam Healey - Programmer, Designer, & VFX Artist
Kara Howard - 2D Artist 
Benjamin Westlake - Tech Artists 
Donovan Delats - 2D Artist
Bobby Perry - Researcher & Designer


MoonCrossedLovers - Windows.zip 347 MB

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